More than 70% of employers use structured hiring to create a more fair, consistent recruiting process.

But, many are overlooking other key steps and practices that can decrease bias when building and supporting diverse teams.

This new research comes from a survey from EVERFI, Greenhouse and HR Research Institute, “Mitigating Biases When Building a Diverse Team.”

Download the full infographic here to learn

  • The most common biases employers reported
  • Data around the DEI practices organizations currently use in hiring, onboarding, and training stages
  • What happens to DEI efforts beyond the hiring process
  • Actionable tips for hiring, onboarding, and supporting diverse teams

Read it, save it, print it, bookmark it — and see how your organization’s DEI efforts compare to the findings.

Looking for data, insights, and tools to put your DEI plans into action to build stronger, more diverse teams? Join DEI experts from Greenhouse and EVERFI, as they explore findings from the new research survey, “Mitigating Biases When Building a Diverse Team.” Watch this free, on-demand webinar.

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