HR Dive reports that 79% of people witnessed an incident of harassment or discrimination at work in the last five years.*

Since the #MeToo movement there has been growing consensus that the “check-the-box” anti-harassment practices, like developing a policy, having a hotline, and delivering legal focused compliance training are not enough. These traditional tactics are not effective in preventing bad behavior at work didn’t add additional value to company culture.  

State legislatures, shareholder, customers, and even employees are demanding change and want to work with brands that are more proactive and focused and targeted in their harassment prevention efforts.

This guidebook will cover: 

  • Five proactive changes you can make to your harassment training today
  • Innovative ideas on complaint handling
  • Strategies to improve your training effectiveness and prevent harassment from occurring

“There is an urgency to be more proactive, we need to be focused and targeted in our efforts.”

– Elizabeth Owens Bille, SVP of Workplace Culture at EVERFI