Online Fair Competition and Antitrust Training 

Teach employees about the complex intricacies of global antitrust law trainings and regulations.

This Training Course Covers

  • Antitrust laws and regulations
  • Anticompetitive conduct
  • Collusion
  • Price Fixing
  • Exclusive and Reciprocal Contracts
  • Predatory Pricing
  • Reporting Violations

Fair Competition and Antitrust Training Overview

This antitrust training course teaches employees about the complex maze of antitrust laws and regulations governing trade and competition. It introduces employees to major concepts like bid rigging and price fixing, explains why antitrust law is important, and teaches employees how to recognize anticompetitive conduct. Employees will gain a thorough understanding of how to practice fair competition and how to appropriately report inappropriate conduct. 

This course offers real-life examples of everyday business scenarios, interactive training tools on global antitrust laws, progressive comprehensive checks, and additional antitrust compliance training on ambiguous situations.


Acknowledge the Importance of Antitrust Law Training
Educates your employees on how to practice fair competition in the global economy.

Recognizing Risk
Trains your employees on how to identify high-risk antitrust situations according to their roles.

Avoid High-Risk Behavior
Empower your employees with a thorough understanding of how to practice fair competition and uphold your organization’s integrity.

An Evidence-Based Online Antitrust Compliance Training Solution

Easily deploy customizable and effective antitrust and fair competition online training to maintain compliance and support an ethical workplace.

Fresh Approach

Fresh and innovative look and feel will spark and maintain employee interest while providing opportunities to practice ethical behavior.

Instructional Design

Cutting edge design using best practices to engage your workforce and build critical skills.


Administrators can add and remove company resources as policies and procedures evolve.


Build a branded experience with several in-course opportunities to showcase company resources such as policies, guidance to hotlines, and expectations about reporting.

Mobile Friendly

All content is available online on desktop, tablet, or mobile devices to offer flexibility for your workforce.

Built For Scale

Take advantage of flexible user assignments, progress tracking, and automated assignments, plus easily monitor completion rates.