Map of Sexual Harassment Prevention Legislation

Which States Require Harassment Training?

Do you need to know how sexual harassment prevention legislation will affect your business? A new legislative landscape and a desire to stay out of a potential harassment spotlight are forcing employers to rethink their sexual harassment prevention strategy. Employers, especially those operating in multiple states, are looking for ways to effectively deliver impactful training, comply with these mandates, and positively affect their cultures.

Use the interactive map below to explore what enacted legislation applies to your workforce and strategies that you can use to protect your entire workforce. Click your home state to get started.

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The EVERFI team of dedicated in-house attorneys want you to have a clear understanding of which states require harassment training. They ensure that our courses meet regulations across the United States so you have a trusted and reliable source for your compliance needs. They also closely track pending legislation to ensure we are prepared to meet and exceed the legal requirements wherever you do business.