Kayla Barnes

Our workplace training solutions are designed to help you create meaningful learning experiences for your employees to foster safe, inclusive, and healthy workplaces. One of our biggest priorities is to ensure that our content remains timely as compliance regulations change and as workplace expectations evolve. That’s why we are constantly innovating our existing courses as well as bringing new topics to life.

Recently, we held a Product Update Briefing to showcase updates that we’ve made and are working towards in 2024. From updates to our Code of Conduct course, to building new courses that address mental health and wellness, we have a lot of goodness coming to our offering next year!

Across all our courses, we have aligned our development work around three key strategic themes: Evolve, Expand, and Engage.

Evolve: Workplace expectations are rapidly evolving, and we’re committed to ensuring our course offerings are reflective of our customers’ needs.

Expand: We’re constantly expanding what’s possible with our training solutions, including additional translations for global access.

Engage: Our training solutions don’t just check the box; they change behaviors and attitudes. We’re innovating with engagement in mind.

Now for the fun part- let’s take a sneak peek at some of the highlights from our latest Product Update Briefing!

Recently Released:

We have evolved our course content in several ways:

We rebuilt two courses: Preventing Workplace Violence Suite, which includes versions for both supervisors and non-supervisors, and Preventing Injury and Illness at Work, which includes specific content to address the unique hazards faced by employees at a job site vs. at a desk.

We also delivered a brand-new set of microlessons with our Leadership Suite. This content is applicable to both new and existing leaders and managers, and covers topics like Leading with Empathy, Conducting Meaningful Performance Conversations, and so much more.

We are expanding the following courses and suites by adding translations into Spanish: Preventing Workplace Violence Suite, Leadership Suite, and Diversity: Inclusion in the Modern Workplace.

We also made updates to create a more engaging and intuitive experience, including the addition of ‘Lottie’ animations into several new courses. This new style of animation adds another layer of engagement for your learners, keeping their attention as they navigate throughout the course.

Coming Soon:

We will continue to focus on evolving our courses to ensure they are timely and relevant for your learners. This will include making updates to our Code of Conduct Training and our Data Security and Privacy Course, which will introduce a new course module on the emerging security and privacy issues surrounding AI.

Not only are we looking to refresh the content in these courses, but we’re also evolving their structure. Based on client feedback and market research, we know that learners and admins are looking for workplace training that is flexible and concise. That’s why we are architecting new courses and updating old courses, where appropriate, to support modular, just-in-time learning.

Modular Course Design provides an extra layer of flexibility for you to deploy content. Admins will be able to pick and choose course modules to create a learning experience unique to your training needs, including the ability to deploy content as just-in-time microlearning.

We will also continue to expand Diversity: Inclusion in the Modern Workplace by translating the course into an additional nine languages. These languages are Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), French (Canadian & European), Portuguese, German, Korean, Spanish (European), and Japanese.

Last but not least, our focus on creating a more engaging experience will be centered around a crowd favorite- videos! Throughout 2024, we will focus on adding more video content to both new and existing courses.

On-demand 2023 Product Update Briefings

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