EverFi CEO Tom Davidson Featured on Bloomberg TV

On Wednesday, April 8, EverFi CEO Tom Davidson served as a guest host on Bloomberg’s Surveillance television program.   In the midst of Financial Literacy Month, you bet we were excited to have Tom talking about the importance of financial education and empowerment.

Tom BloombergA key point that Tom brought up was that engaging students early with financial education can have a long-lasting impact on their future actions and behaviors.  This was echoed in the results of a 65,000 student survey that we partnered with HigherOne on recently.

The survey found that students who took a financial education class in high school performed better on the survey’s financial knowledge questions, were found to be more averse to debt, more likely to pay credit card bills on time, and less likely to go over their credit limit.  Those with some financial education also displayed superior levels of knowledge and conscientiousness around money.  The survey report is available at http://moneymattersoncampus.org/

Tom’s Bloomberg interview is available here.