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45 million U.S. households are expected to transfer more than $84 trillion over the next 25 years. Yet, 82% of families have not worked with their advisors to facilitate discussions on use of family wealth.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to help grow your clients’ overall wealth and create lifelong customers: Whole Family Financial Education.

Check out our status report to learn:

  • The number of parents who feel confident their children have the capacity to manage money responsibly.
  • Who those parents are looking to for help teaching their children about finances.
  • How Family Financial Education creates meaningful touchpoints that establish and strengthen relationships.

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"We could have tried to develop a financial education solution ourselves, but EVERFI lives and breathes this stuff, so letting them take care of the content, let us focus on our customers' core needs."

Bill Bunn
Executive Vice President of Retail Banking, First Bank