The Character Challenge is in full swing heading into the holiday season. We’re challenging K-12 schools to share how their staff and students are Bully-Proofing their campuses. Bully-Proofing is best described as any project, program, policy, or event that makes your school a kinder, safer, and more inclusive place for everyone.

The Character Challenge, which runs from October 22nd until the Super Bowl on February 3rd, is an online best practice share out for educators with both brand new or tried and true bullying prevention programs. With insights from across the country, we’ve compiled a Top-10 list of Bully-Proofing strategies that are road tested and teacher approved.

Top-10 Bully-Proof Strategies

    1. High School Students come to middle school classrooms to talk about how they were a bully or how they were bullied in middle school. The peer mentor model serves as a powerful example of real life experience and lessons learned.  – Ohio
    2. Kindness Challenge: Students school wide participate in the challenge to participate in acts of kindness every day. It turns out the kindness is a habit that can be fostered and developed. – Indiana
    3. Classroom ambassadors: Teacher select one boy and one girl from each classroom to serve as classroom ambassadors to support in transitioning new students into the classroom. They introduce them to people, show them the ropes, and give them advice that only middle schoolers would know. – Arizona
    4. Bully Box and District Website: The district has a place on their website to identify a bully or bullying activity in your school. The schools also have a box in the media center where students can submit bullying information to their teachers. Building multiple lines of communication are key to ensure that students get the support they need to feel safe and heard at school. – North Carolina
    5. Monthly Peace Meetings: Students run a group that is facilitated by a counselor to create programs and initiatives that focus on kindness, inclusion, and acceptance. – Pennsylvania
    6. The Telephone Game: Sharing the value of not spreading rumors with the game of telephone. One of the oldest and best ways to demonstrate how the truth can be lost in the transfer of information. – Washington D.C.
    7.  Motivational Monday: Who doesn’t need some motivation on Monday? This school holds monthly assemblies to reaffirm the value of being kind and being a great school citizen. – Arizona
    8.  10 Ways to make a friend: Students are always being told what not to do, what  about telling what they can do? The 10 Ways to make a friend provides students practical ways to be the type of friend they would like to have. – Minnesota
    9.  Bully-Proofing Art: Take to the halls and the breezeways of the school by posting art with the Bully-Proof message. -North Carolina
    10.  The Bully-Proof Pledge: A school wide initiative to have all students sign a pledge to put an end to bullying wherever it exists. – Missouri

These ten Bully-Proof plans are just the beginning. Messages of kindness, safety, and inclusion are being shared in so many ways across the country. We encourage you to try one of the strategies shared here or to take the challenge yourself at Then be sure to share your ideas. You never know how far its impact will reach.

Let’s get Bully-Proofing!

Rob Roberts is the Senior Field Marketing Manager on the Sports and Entertainment team at EVERFI.




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