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EVERFI powers social impact initiatives across the globe through measurable, meaningful education programs that enable organizations and nonprofits to positively impact communities.

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Investing in Impact: How to Make CSR a Winning Business Strategy

Watch Now | Learn the best practices to maximize return on investment and how companies are currently embracing social impact.

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Four Pillars of Corporate Social Responsibility Solutions

With a focus on the whole child education, EVERFI develops and implements interactive, standards-aligned, and engaging courses on critically important topics on behalf of our partners.

  • Targeted Activation

    EVERFI’s on-the-ground implementation team works directly with educators to drive usage in schools in chosen markets.

  • Data Driven Results

    Comprehensive reporting on your corporate social responsibility program’s reach, knowledge, attitudes, and behavior tells a unique and powerful impact story.

  • Personalized Experiences

    Customized branding throughout our digital education platform showcases your investment in critical education.

  • Awareness & Communication

    EVERFI’s initiatives provide opportunities to engage community members, elected officials, and media around the positive impact of your program.

Our partners practice corporate citizenship by engaging their communities every day. Learn more about the positive social impact initiatives taking place.

  • Building Healthier Communities Through Digital Education

    UnityPoint Health, a Midwest health system, empowers high school students to make safe choices regarding prescription drugs.

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  • Empowering the Next Generation with Financial Knowledge

    Since 2010, BB&T has partnered with EVERFI to bring financial management programs to more than 920 high schools.

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  • Leveraging Play to Teach Essential STEAM Skills

    Watch how Electronic Arts is inspiring 8,000+ students to pursue careers in STEAM with interactive education.

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  • Building Real-World Financial Capability

    For Wisconsin-based Educators Credit Union (ECU), teaching financial skills for a lifetime lies at the very heart of its founding mission.

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  • Fueling Innovation for the Next Generation

    Neustar partnered with EVERFI to create My Digital Life, a private-labeled online initiative that brings critical digital literacy and STEM concepts to schools across Virginia, Kentucky, and California.

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  • The Rite Aid Foundation

    The Rite Aid Foundation is instrumental in providing long-term solutions to prescription drug abuse and equipping students with the knowledge and power to make safe and healthy choices. communities it serves.

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Investing in Impact

White Paper | Consumer demand drives marketplace change, and social impact initiatives are at the top of the list for many. Businesses who have a clear corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy improve company reputation, brand loyalty, and the bottom line.

At EVERFI, we know knowledge is power. Our team of education innovators and experts share insights to help you continue to impact your community as well as reap the benefits of corporate social responsibility for your employees and organization.

  • prescription drug abuse prevention

    Creating a Loyal Customer

    In a recent EVERFI survey on consumer loyalty, nearly three-quarters of respondents indicated that engagement in the broader community is important to brand reputation.

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