In the world of modern digital marketing, the use of web content, SEO, and websites to market and reach your target audience is essential. However, the market is becoming competitive and as a result, organic SEO strategies may not be enough. This is where paid advertising for credit unions can come into play.

By combining online paid ads with your SEO and website efforts, your credit union can reach more highly targeted people than ever. Additionally, digital advertising will have significant benefits once you learn how to leverage it properly.

Why Online Paid Advertising for Credit Unions?

First, you can tailor your paid search ads based on specific keywords. For example, if someone is looking at houses, you can advertise your mortgage loans. You can make sure that potential members are viewing your credit union’s specific landing pages, based on what they are searching for.

Second, when you pay for online advertising, you can determine which exact landing page the user will end up on from clicking the ad. With organic SEO, the search engine determines which page turns up, but when you pay, you decide.


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To stay relevant and competitive in this new economy, your financial institution must be part of the digital conversation, but where do you start?


Take advantage of this by providing useful information. If the customer only sees an advertisement on the landing page, they will click to another website quickly. In order to keep the user interested, make sure that your information is interesting and highly relevant to what they are looking for.

Next, be sure to include a strong call to action that encourages them to reach out, fill out a form or provide you with their email address. The key is to turn them from a webpage viewer to a customer and a call to action on your landing page will facilitate that.

Another benefit of online paid advertising for credit unions is that your ads can target an extremely specifc geographic area. Credit unions need to advertise to their local areas. With organic SEO, you could be serving your content to someone in another city, state or country. However, when you pay to advertise, you can ensure that your webpages are being viewed by the most relevant, local customers.

An online paid ad strategy works best inconjunction with an SEO strategy. Potential members will not click on a link that has absolutely nothing to do with what they are searching. If they do not see the connection between what they are searching for and your webpage, your online advertising might be worthless.

What Types of Online Paid Advertising Exist?

Paying for online advertising presents itself in many different mediums. You can decide which works best for your financial institution and incorporate it into your overall digital strategy.

Paid Search Ads: These ads appear at the top and bottom of the search engine results page (SERP). Many organic (SEO) keywords have become too competitive and it is near impossible to land on the first page. Paid search ads are a great way to edge out the competition and into the customer’s view.

Display Ads: This is advertising on websites through the use of banners made of text, images, flash, and video.

Retargeting Ads: These ads only appear on other websites and social media feeds once that person has visited your website. Retargeting can be a great tactic to add to your overall strategy because they appeal specifically to those who have shown a previous interest in your bank and keeps you top of mind.

Paid Social Ads: These are specifically targeted to social media feeds, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can get very creative with your targeting tactics and find unique ways to reach potential customers.

Mobile Ads: Mobile Apps are more popular than ever. Using mobile ads allows you to advertise within these apps. This is especially useful if you want to advertise on product-related apps, such as Zillow for mortgages.

Paid advertising for banks can be the way to get ahead in an extremely competitive market. Use it to your advantage and reach more customers!

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