The choices students learn to make when they’re young can have a lasting impact on their lifetime well-being, happiness, and academic success. But 96% of elementary schools are unable to provide daily physical education. Teaching nutrition has never been easier with EVERFI’s Healthier Me. Healthier Me is an innovative, game-based digital course that educates elementary school students about the importance of well-balanced meals and physical activity, preparing them to make healthy, informed decisions when it comes to nutrition and fitness and securing healthier, happier futures for the next generation.

Use these extension actives to introduce your students to Healthier Me and get them started on building a healthier future.

Pre-Activity: What is Exercise?

Description: Prior to starting Healthier Me: Wellness Fundamentals for Elementary School, students will discuss the definition of exercise and name ways they exercise before school, during school, and after school.


  • Definition of Exercise
    • the activity of using your muscles in various ways to keep fit
  • Chalk or Whiteboard Markers
  • Chalkboard or Whiteboard

Set Up:

  • Draw three columns on the board. Above each column write the following: “Before School, During School, and After School.”

Discussion Directions:

  1. Share with students the definition of exercise (see materials).
  2. From there, have students brainstorm how they exercise during each time of the day and write the activities on the board in their proper column.
  3. When complete, share with students, “We are going to start an online program called Healthier Me: Wellness Fundamentals for Elementary School where you can learn how to bring more exercise to your body during the day.”

Example Answers:

Before School: Walking to the bus/school

During School: PE, Recess, GoNoodle, Brain Breaks, and Walking

After School:  Walking home, Sports Practices, Walking a Dog, Riding Bikes, Playing Tag

Post Activity: Build Your Own Restaurant

Description: Using their knowledge from Healthier Me: Wellness Fundamentals for Elementary School, students will work in small groups (at least two students) to build the ultimate healthy and delicious kid’s section of a menu.


  • Writing Utensil
  • Paper


  1. Seat students in groups of at least two.
  2. Ensure that each group has a writing utensil and a piece of paper.
  3. Say, “In Healthier Me: Wellness Fundamentals for Elementary School, you built three healthy and well-balanced meals by selecting foods from each of the five food groups. You had to achieve a balance and earn enough health points to succeed at the game – and you did! Now, let’s use your knowledge of healthy eating to create 4 healthy food items for a kid’s menu at restaurant.”
  4. Give students 12 minutes to complete the activity. After every 3 minutes, tell students which item they should be on. Example: At 6 minutes, they should be finished with 2 items and moving on to create their third.

Follow Up Discussion Questions:

  1. What items did you include and why?
  2. Was this activity easy or hard? Why?
  3. Are your menus similar or different than kid’s menus you see at restaurants? Why do you think that is?

Post Active Activity: Scooter Food Pyramid


  • Scooters for each student
    • Note: If you do not have scooters, students can “skip” from index card to index card  instead
  • 12 Index Cards

Description: Using their knowledge from Healthier Me: Wellness Fundamentals for Elementary School, students will scoot to one of two proper food items in the pyramid.

Set Up:

  1. Take the 12 index cards. On each index card, write one of the following food items: Bagel, Cereal, Lettuce, Celery, Apple, Orange, Mayonnaise, Butter, Ice Cream, Pecan Pie, and Turkey, Pork.
  2. Then, lay out the 12 index cards randomly throughout the gym.
  3. Ensure that scooters are in safe working order.


  1. Say, “In Healthier Me: Wellness Fundamentals for Elementary School, you learned about eating healthy and the food pyramid. Now, I am going to test your knowledge on the food pyramid. When I say one of the different groups of the Food Pyramid, you will scoot over to the food that best fits in that specific group of the Food Pyramid.”
  2. Remind students that the different levels of the Food Pyramid are: Grains, Meats, Sugar/Sweets, Fruits, and Vegetables.
  3. Tell students, “For example, if I call out Meats, you would scoot over to either Turkey or Pork.”
  4. Begin by calling out the different groups of the Food Pyramid. The answers are below.


  1. Grains: Bagel & Cereal
  2. Vegetables: Lettuce & Celery
  3. Fruits: Apple & Orange
  4. Sugar/Sweets: Ice Cream & Pecan Pie
  5. Meats: Turkey & Pork

Alana Teller is a Schools Manager in Tennessee. Prior to joining EVERFI, Alana taught 4th, 5th, and 7th Grade Social Studies in Metro Nashville Public Schools. During her time teaching, Alana worked with the state to edit standards and test questions for TN Ready. As a Tulane Grad, with a love and passion for music, she enjoys traveling to visit teachers on the “Music Highway”.

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