Social emotional learning is at the heart of good teaching. When students are able to manage their emotions, practice self-awareness, and maintain healthy relationships, they’ll excel in school, work, and life.
EVERFI’s Social & Emotional Learning courses take the first blended learning approach to equip students with the knowledge and tools to build responsible, respectful, and rewarding lives for themselves and others.

Emotional IQ in the Digital Age

EVERFI’s Social & Emotional Learning offerings instill vital soft skills by providing users of all ages with tools, tips and evidenced-based strategies on topics related to self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management.

Through digital interactive scenarios that show users how to manage their emotions, make smarter decisions and intervene in harmful social situations, EVERFI is modernizing the approach to tackling topics once considered taboo—and creating kinder communities in the process.

It’s in the way you talk to others, the decisions you make when it matters most and how you approach the world. Emotional intelligence, a critical social skill, refers to the capacity to recognize our own feelings and those of others, and to manage emotions effectively. Honing this type of IQ is crucial for all aspects of life, from work performance and relationship satisfaction to leadership ability and advancement—which is why EVERFI is proud to be activating these qualities in learners of all ages through our Social & Emotional Learning offerings.

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Character Playbook

An innovative digital course that uses engaging strategies to educate students about cultivating and maintaining healthy relationships during their critical middle school years.

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The Compassion Project

The Compassion Project is a first-of-its-kind national initiative to provide compassion education to elementary school students across the US. Our mission is to ensure that every primary school student in the US understand what compassion is and how to demonstrate it in 
their lives.

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