Leading into Financial Literacy Month, social impact education innovator arms Americans with tools to blunt the pandemic’s severe economic impact

Company founder and president joins board of JumpStart

EVERFI, Inc., the leading social impact education innovator, is launching a new financial education website with vital content around planning and savings to guide consumers through the anticipated personal financial distress and economic impact that is likely to affect millions of Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic. Against the backdrop of Financial Literacy Month and available during the month of April, EVERFI’s new financial education site provides interactive modules and custom content related to healthy financial habits, creating a budget, emergency savings, college savings, and retirement savings. 

“The severe economic toll that COVID-19 will take on our economy, and all working Americans, cannot be underestimated, and underscores the critical importance of having the right financial tools to navigate this tumultuous time,” said Ray Martinez, EVERFI founder, president, and financial capability leader. “In the coming weeks and months, millions of individuals and families will be faced with unprecedented, and possibly, dire, financial decisions and conditions. There is no better time to reevaluate how we manage our finances and the absolute need to save for the future.”

In an effort to help guide consumers through what will be an extended period of financial distress and uncertainty, EVERFI’s new financial education site includes several modules from its mobile-first, interactive AchieveTM product. Content from Achieve, which is also available directly to consumers through various banking institutions nationwide, includes interactive financial education on budgeting and tracking expenses and planning for an emergency, as well as on saving for future expenses, including a 529 education account and retirement, among other popular topics. 

EVERFI’s new financial education site also hosts curated financial planning and savings content from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, including 25 tips to improve your financial future and practical strategies to start savings now.  

“Having these resources available together in one place for the first time is a new and easy way for consumers to get started on a path for greater financial health,” said Martinez. “National surveys have reported the bleak statistic that many adults are not well prepared for even small financial disruptions, making it clear that it’s never too late, nor or too early, to start planning for a sound financial future. EVERFI is equally committed to working with our youngest learners at the K-12 level to ensure that we are offering ongoing, critical financial skills education to support good life-long financial decisions.” 

During this period of extended school closures, EVERFI is also hosting a competitive program for students in middle and high school to learn and demonstrate their knowledge of financial skills. The EVERFI National Financial Bee, a new nationwide program, will be available starting later this month. The winners of the National Financial Bee will receive a total of $20,000 in college scholarships. 

EVERFI also announced that Ray Martinez has joined the board of directors of the non-profit JumpStart Coalition for Personal Finance Literacy. JumpStart works with organizations to educate and prepare our nation’s youth for life-long financial success.


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