While research has shown that financial education has positive effects on knowledge and on financial behavior, representing that impact has been limited to what is measurable or quantifiable.

That’s why the EVERFI’s in-house research team created Social ROI. This new metric uses learner response data, publicly available research, and economic data to project the future value of improved financial behavior following financial education.

How We Measure Impact

Using EVERFI our financial literacy course for high school students and the example, we analyzed three target behaviors:

  1. Increase Savings
  2. Save for Retirement
  3. Avoid Debt

After taking the EVERFI course, more students reported they. intended to open a savings account within the next year.

Download the full article to find out: 

  1. Why financial education is a pathway to student competence, confidence, and equality.
  2. How students can confidently build their own future with financial literacy.
  3. How EVERFI’s financial literacy course impacted high school students.