EVERFI is leading education’s evolution and redefining the way learners approach the world. We empower teachers, citizens, and students to improve their lives and make an impact in their communities. We activate today’s most sought after skills in dynamic, incentive-driven online environments. And our critical skills courses are catalyzing comprehension, retention, and behavior change while fulfilling the need for scalable education in an ever-changing world.

Our Focus

Critical Skills Curriculum
  • Financial Education

    Engaging multi-level courses to build financial literacy and capacity—from personal finance and small business, to K-12 basics, and retirement savings.

  • Workplace Training

    From diversity, equity, and inclusion, to discrimination and harassment, to ethics and compliance, EVERFI has offerings to ensure you’re fostering safe, healthy, and secure workplace environments.

  • Social & Emotional Learning

    Evidence-based strategies to teach learners how to cultivate healthy relationships, avoid harmful social situations, and build compassionate communities.

  • Health & Wellness

    Encourage learners to make healthy decisions with EVERFI’s evidence-based online trainings on topics like nutrition and substance abuse prevention.

  • STEM & Career Readiness

    EVERFI’s comprehensive STEM curriculum blends science, technology, engineering, and math to activate the skills demanded by the modern job market.

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