EVERFI’s SVP of Workplace Culture, Elizabeth Bille and VP of Impact and Education, Holly Rider-Milchovich sit down with the Prairie Center Against Sexual Assault, hosts of the “Prevention is Now” podcast to discuss “Sexual Harassment in the Virtual Workplace.”

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Topics discussed include:

  • Define workplace harassment. What types of behaviors are involved when we talk about sexual assault in the virtual workplace?
  • Are the types of behaviors online that need to be addressed similar or different than those that occur in person?
  • Some organizations view sexual harassment issues as solely a problem of legal risk and exposure. What are some of the other costs organizations experience as a result of workplace sexual harassment beyond legal and compliance issues?
  • What risk factors have the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC) identified and are they more or less problematic in an online environment?
  • Are there other environmental factors that you feel might be unique to a virtual or hybrid workplace?
  • What steps are in a framework for creating a comprehensive workplace sexual harassment prevention strategy?
  • What does a workplace sexual harassment prevention plan look like in action?

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