A Day in the Life…EverFi Schools Team

We feel pretty lucky to have a network of caring, forward-thinking and hardworking teachers sharing our mission to empower students with critical life skills. When we see a new classroom sign on to our platform, we know the initiative and leadership that a teacher has undertaken. We are able to see beyond the software.

We know this because we are there alongside these teachers. We have grown a team of passionate education-minded experts that spend their time thinking about how they can support our teachers. Their goal is to make teachers lives easier.

Working with thousands of teachers in classrooms all across the country results for some amazing stories about the energy, effort and enthusiasm that goes into educating our future generation. We are inspired by these stories everyday at EverFi and we’re always looking for ways to share these stories.

Sarah Serota, one of our champion Schools Team members, shares a visit at Poly High School in Riverside, CA with program sponsor, Pacific Mercantile Bank .