Long-term banking business development campaigns are important, but rolling out quick-and-easy offers, promotions, or engagements can help you add value to your bank’s brand and build connections with customers. Today, we’re offering four easy bank marketing ideas and strategies that financial marketers can turn around in just a few minutes, hours, or days to boost awareness and create loyalty.

Idea #1: Offer free money

Nothing gets attention like cold, hard cash. Slip a few extra bucks into your account-holders’ hands and they’ll stay loyal and spread the word. If you’re feeling fun and have the funds, consider pulling people into the branch with a wind-tunnel cash-grab event—because what’s more fun than money flying through the air?

The new accounts and attention you’ll get are well worth the handfuls of singles you’ll give away. Or attract attention by replacing a number of $20s with $50s in the ATM(s) of your choice and getting the word out via media outlets, social media, email, bank statements, etc. Industrial Credit Union in Bellingham, WA did this with great results.

Idea #2:  Educate!

It’s likely that your account-holders and prospects are in need of some basic financial education—most of us are. Offering ways to increase their financial literacy can help your bank in two ways:

 First, your reputation gets a boost. Not only are you proving yourself knowledgeable, but you’re also generous with your expertise. Account-holders and prospects will appreciate your willingness to counsel them—for free.

 Second, you can tie your learning opportunities to products or services you’d like to promote. A customer who’s just spent time learning about loans and interest rates might be more receptive to a special offer on auto loans, for example; or an account-holder newly informed about credit scores might be looking for a bank-branded credit card to help boost their credit ratings.

And the best part of this bank marketing strategy is that the logistics are simple. Education is no longer tied to classrooms. There are apps that offer online education anytime, anywhere, at the learner’s pace.

Idea #3: Share and care

A little free swag can still go a long way. Consider handing out branded packages of school supplies at back-to-school time—or pens, pads, and other necessities for small businesses at events or even in-branch. Including special offers or promotions with these goodies—like a special free-checking or goal-based savings, for students, or discounted loans or business services for commercial accounts—can create additional engagement.


Idea #4: Socialize where your customers are: online!

Of all our bank marketing ideas, this might be the most basic. Today, there’s just no reason not to be active on social media. And, if your bank isn’t utilizing social media to promote your rates, special offers, services, and mission, you’re missing a huge opportunity.

Social media marketing lets you show off your personality and differentiate from faceless megabanks—and can showcase local landmarks and events to help you build an online community around your real, offline community. Best of all, your social channels give you a way to inform your audience about your care packages, giveaways, learning opportunities, and all the other marketing ideas listed above.

These quick-and-easy ideas are just the tip of the iceberg; there are countless ways to get attention and boost your brand—if you’re willing to get creative and engage with your audience in new ways. If you’re looking to learn more tips and best practices for bank marketing, check out The Ultimate Guide to Financial Digital Marketing: An Interactive Guidebook for Banks & Credit Unions here. You’ll learn how to pull all these—and other 2018 bank marketing trends— together into a cohesive and effective campaign. Download it for free today!