• Reach

    Attracting new customers means reaching multiple demographics. How do you ensure your bank marketing efforts reach everyone, including professionals, seniors, LMI communities, and adolescents—your customers of the future?

  • Engagement

    Once you reach your audience, how do you engage with them? True engagement builds trust in your brand and brings customers and prospects back for more financial services and offerings.

  • Scale

    Many banks use financial literacy education programs and workshops to conduct outreach, build trust, and fulfill CRA requirements. But in-person classes are time and labor intensive—with very limited reach.

  • Measurability

    Measuring your financial services marketing efforts can be difficult, but the ability to do is critical to understanding the effectiveness of your program—and meeting CRA requirements.

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  • Apps and Mobile Tech

    With smartphones, customers now carry the power of a bank branch in their pockets. Savvy financial institutions are making it easier for customers to conduct banking and leverage financial services with apps, text alerts, and other mobile technology.

  • Financial Literacy Education Programs

    Financial education is a powerful way to engage with prospective customers while providing them a much-needed service—and banks are in the perfect position to do so. More banks are leveraging financial literacy education as a way to fulfill CRA obligations, as well.

  • Community Partnerships

    With more physical branches closing, financial institutions need to be creative about serving community needs and meeting CRA requirements. Whether it’s with hospitals, schools, or local NGOs, banks are looking to build partnerships as a way to serve underbanked populations with both banking services and expertise.


We help banks multiply the power of their financial services marketing by merging online and offline financial literacy education programs—along with many other value-adds. Here’s how:

  • Online Financial Literacy

    Offer financial education to your customers and prospects—via your own website. With EVERFI’s interactive learning modules, your customers can select from a variety of important topics to bolster their financial literacy. The learning modules are customized and branded to provide a seamless learning experience any time, any place.

  • In-Person Events

    Whether you’re already conducting in-person financial educational programs for adults, or you’re interested in getting started, EVERFI makes it easy. We take the hard work out by creating the relationship with the partner orgs and providing the information—all you have to do is show up! We even capture learner data, making it possible to track results.

  • School Partnerships

    Kids are growing up without financial literacy, and it puts them at a disadvantage as they become teens and adults. With a national network of K–12 schools that is growing daily, EVERFI helps banks partner with schools to reach the younger demographic with critical financial literacy education—fulfilling CRA requirements at the same time.

  • SMB Outreach

    Help business owners or prospects reach success and qualify for loans by completing a an SMB-focused financial education program. Their education will also make them better customers: a win-win.

  • Data-Driven Programming

    Don’t let your hard work go to waste. Whether online or off-line, EVERFI’s financial education programs have metrics built in, so you can see who has finished modules, what their improvement rates are, and what topics are of most interest. And with easy report generation, banks find it much easier to comply with CRA requirements.

  • Aligned Product Marketing

    With EVERFI’s help, learn to pair product offerings with specific learning modules or events. Customers are incentivized to open a new savings account, for instance, by finishing a learning module about budgeting and earning a reward of $50 for their new account.

  • Consumer Financial Education

    With our help, easily provide online financial literacy education to your consumers—on a variety of topics that are all custom-branded and aligned with your products and strategy. Learn more here.

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    Financial Capability Network

    We believe we’re stronger together. That’s why EVERFI created the Financial Capability Network, a coalition of more than 750 financial institutions who share knowledge and expertise to build stronger and more financially literate communities. Find out more here.

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