EVERFI makes it easy for you to quickly reach
thousands of students in a classroom setting and
empower them with 21st century skills.
Our on-the-ground team of former educators works
directly with schools to implement the digital program
on your behalf.

Corporate Social

Community Engagement in the Digital Age: Inspire students through dynamic, engaging digital learning and collect robust data to measure your impact

Transform how you connect with your community.

Education is a powerful way to engage your community and build a strong brand, but navigating the K-12 ecosystem can be extremely challenging. EverFi helps our partners bring private-labeled digital education programs to schools across the globe. 

Simply choose the educational topic that matters to you from EverFi’s online learning library, select the markets where you want to have impact, and we’ll deliver a fully private-labeled digital learning course on your behalf.

Our Partners

EVERFI powers community education initiatives for leading brands.

Learn how your organization can have an impact.

ESA’s Digital Living Project equips students across New York and LA with STEM and digital citizenship education.

The Brilliant Career Lab initiative exposes Boston students to innovative, digital, industrial jobs of the future using online and hands on STEM education.

The Salvation Army and Target digital learning program is a national after-school initiative aimed at empowering youth and communities with critical life skills.

Anthem provides African-American History digital learning to several high schools in New York & Missouri.

Comcast Digital Connectors provides critical skills education to youth organizations and other CBOs.

Honda provides STEM education to several middle and high schools in southwest Ohio.

Intel provides STEM education to schools across Santa Clara, CA.

EA provides STEAM education to middle and high school students in 5 markets across the U.S. and Canada.

The US Chamber of Commerce Foundation provides critical STEM skills to prepare students for careers of tomorrow across West Virginia, Houston, Detroit, and Johnson City, TN.

Course Topics

When it comes to engaging millennials, digital is the way to go.

Our interactive learning courses use video, animations, and gamification to deliver a fun and highly impactful learning experience for students.

A Different Approach

Our online programs, data and services deliver high-impact learning and measurable results.


Fully private-labeled learning platform that promotes your brand.


Consistent digital learning and programs that scales across your network.


Best in class, personalized education experiences for learners of all ages.


Analytics to prove impact and engage current and future consumers.

Featured Stories

Target & The Salvation Army


Electronic Arts 

NBA Legend Allan Houston’s Legacy Foundation

Consumer Technology

Pharrell Williams:
From One Hand to Another

“For us to say we’ve reached more than 22,000 students in just four years is incredible. There’s nothing else out there like EVERFI that could help us understand our impact for the investment we’re making.”

Tom Foulkes, Vice President of Government Affairs
Entertainment Software Association

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Harvard Case Study

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