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How to Navigate a Complex Legislative Landscape

HR professionals have long operated in a complex legislative environment, but COVID-19 has significantly increased that complexity. Here's how to stay on top of continually changing regulations that may make your organization subject to risk.

How to Implement a Successful Workplace Banking Program

60 minutes

Learn how Ascend Federal Credit Union implemented their Workplace Banking Program

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Top 10 Blog Posts: Workplace Culture Edition

Information and insights to help HR, DEI, and compliance leaders plan for 2022

Diverse group of employees sitting in a conference room for a meeting talking with another employee attending virtually on a monitor.

New Year, New Priorities: 2022 Workplace Culture Trends

Top 6 workplace culture trends — and how HR can take action.

Three Reasons Why Health Systems Are Embracing Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention

Practice Mindfulness Strategies to Help Yourself and Your Students

Mindfulness is more than quieting your mind. It’s more than meditating. Jon…

Brain Break Ideas

Help Students with Code-Switching in Their Writing

There is no arguing that the landscape of teaching students has changed…

How to Talk to Employees About Layoffs with Compassion

During times of economic crisis, whether on a global or local scale, organizations sometimes have to make incredibly painful decisions.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Facilitator Workbook

This free DEI resource contains key insights and practical information designed to ignite action and foster understanding in the workplace.

EVERFI Recognizes District Commitment to Whole-Child Education

Each year we get to work with districts of all sizes as…

Sexual Harassment Legal Definition: What You Need to Know

While the definition of sexual harassment has some ambiguity, organizations can be specific about expectations to deter workplace harassment.

Teaching Taxes in High School: W-2 Forms

What do you know about W-2 forms? If your answer is “not…

Job interview

Don’t Let the Great Resignation Deter Your DEI Efforts

The great resignation affects more than recruiting and retaining talent. Keep DEI efforts top of mind during the hiring process and when training managers.

Middle Schoolers

3 Steps to Helping Middle School Students with Anxiety

“Hey, you look like you’re feeling some uncomfortable emotions right now.” “Yeah.”…