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Sexual Harassment Legal Definition: What You Need to Know

While there the definition of sexual harassment has some ambiguity, organizations can be specific about expectations to deter harassment issues in the workplace.

Teaching Taxes in High School: W-2 Forms

What do you know about W-2 forms? If your answer is “not…

Job interview

Don’t Let the Great Resignation Deter Your DEI Efforts

As organizations are scrambling to address the increase in turnover, keep DEI efforts top of mind.

Middle Schoolers

3 Steps to Helping Middle School Students with Anxiety

“Hey, you look like you’re feeling some uncomfortable emotions right now.” “Yeah.”…

Throwing Out the Reading Log: Getting Students to Love Literacy and History

I will admit, at one point in my teaching career I engaged…

Webinar | Navigating Hybrid Work: When Harassment and Bias Go Remote

60 minutes

Learn ways to prevent exclusion and harassment in a hybrid workplace, and methods to actively build a workplace culture of inclusion and mutual respect.

People joyfully working on laptops

How Unconscious Bias Leadership Helps Build a Better Workplace

Leaders play a significant role in building equitable workplaces. Read about four areas that unconscious bias can affect your organization.

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WORD Force Research Study

WORD Force, an interactive digital learning course that helps students develop a strong foundation in key reading skills.

Employee Spotlight – Sneha Viswalingam

Meet Sneha Viswalingam! Sneha is a Director of Quality Engineering at EVERFI. …

Why Harassment Training is Important for Your Organization

Progressive companies are coming to understand why harassment training is important for their workplaces. Learn more about transforming your workplace.

generation z finances

Gen Z Consumers Are Here to Stay

While often underestimated, Gen Z now makes up a massive share of the consumer space that is still largely untapped.

The Future of Banking Is Digital-First

Financial institutions must fully embrace digital engagement tactics to empower and retain the next generation of consumers.

Why Mental Health Must Be at the Forefront of Your Return to Campus Strategy

High School Vaping Prevention Strategies

First, let’s explore the term “vaping” and what it really means. The…