• TIME:
    30 min
    HR & People


The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is a legal minefield where one mistake from an untrained supervisor can create serious liability for the organization. It’s a complex law with far-reaching implications if it isn’t applied correctly.

This 45-minute FMLA course – completely updated to include important new legal changes from 2009 – explains supervisors’ responsibilities through the entire process, from pre-leave to post-leave. Its interactive scenarios explain the complex compliance issues, including members of the Armed Services and their caretakers.

Course Benefits

  • Teaches the major concepts of administering leave that complies with the Family and Medical Leave Act
  • Includes most recent amendments to FMLA

Legal Coverages

  • Covers the federal Family and Medical Leave Act, including amendments
  • Describes the interaction between FMLA and other laws

This Course Covers

  • Posting and employee notification requirements
  • Eligibility for FMLA leave
  • Key terms, such as “serious medical condition” and “continuing treatment”
  • Instruction on designating leave as FMLA leave
  • The sensitive process of requiring certification

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